I am a freelance illustrator transforming ideas into striking images where I mix organic shapes with geometry and saturated colors. I believe in creative power of visuals, whether it’s a conceptual illustration, an image that tells a story, or an eye-catching pattern.

I’m crazy about sports, traveling and art, fascinated by human body and mind. I’m lucky to have strong drawing skills to create worlds where real and imaginary layers blend with things I love. A bit of animation helps me breathe life into static pictures and have some fun in the process.

I’m currently based in Istanbul. Life in a new country was a transformative experience for me. It made me deeply embrace people’s cultural and personal differences and rethink my own cultural background. That’s why diversity is essential in my illustrations.

I aim to work with editorial and advertising projects, in branding and adult publishing.
If you’d like to create something together, email me at mashaerart@gmail.com

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Masha Er